Seal Pups in Danger

Seal pups stop in Delaware on their way to warmer waters. They are in danger due to onlookers and traffic.

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MERR Institute
The MERR Institute reports there's been a few local encounters with seals on Delaware beaches recently. The seal pups are making a pit stop in Delaware on their way to warmer waters.
Brian Peters
One of the many seals visiting the area. This harbor seal was greeting visitors near Broadkill Beach.
MERR Institute
One seal pup was not reported to MERR and unfortunately ended up being disoriented and struck by a car near IR Inlet.
If you do encounter a seal on the beaches, call the MERR Institute at 302-228-5029 so they may dispatch someone there immediately.
MERR Institute
The seal pups are cute, but they may bite.
The MERR Institute suggests you stay at least 150 feet away so you don't get hurt.
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