Scraping Bottom: Shore Shallow From Storms

Sand piled up, boats scraping bottom of inlet

Last week’s nor’easter not only caused flooding and overall chaos while the rain and wind raged, but also caused a build up of sand, creating shallow spots on parts of the Jersey Shore.

Boaters say some of the sand lost in the storm formerly known as Hurricane Ida has piled up in New Jersey's Manasquan Inlet, making them bottom-out.

Commercial fishermen have reported striking the bottom of the inlet, which they say is suddenly much shallower than usual.

James Lovgren of Point Pleasant Beach says his boat scraped bottom at less than 10 feet. The inlet is usually 20 to 25 feet deep and it was dredged a month ago.

His brother, Denis, got stuck briefly when his boat hit a sand pile 50 to 100 feet inside the inlet.

They hope another dredging project will be carried out soon, using the sand to replenish the beaches.

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