‘Scorned' Lover Falsely Accused Cop of Stalking: DA

The Grand Jury found Gabrielle Drexler lied "in retaliation" after a failed romance.

A woman who went to a public meeting to tearfully accuse a Lower Merion police officer of stalking and groping her, made the whole thing up after a failed romance, according to a Grand Jury.

The Grand Jury investigated after Gabrielle Drexler stunned people at the community meeting in May, claiming the officer repeatedly called her, texted her, looked into the windows of her home and at one point touched her inappropriately.

"She looked distraught," said Montgomery County District Attorney Risa Vetri-Ferman, announcing Drexler's arrest. "She looked like something had happened, and many people no doubt, believed that something must have happened. And I want to be very clear today -- nothing happened. She lied and now she's under arrest."

The Grand Jury found that Drexler, 26, lied in retaliation for a failed romance with the officer. Drexler and the officer were having an affair, which she ended when she found out the officer was married with small children, according to investigators.

"Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned and they [the Grand Jury] found out that she was a woman scorned."

Even though Drexler said in her emotional announcement that she wasn't coming forward for money, she did try to sue the township, asking for $100 million in damages. Drexler claimed she was traumatized.

Drexler turned herself in on Friday morning, was arraigned on charges of Perjury, Tampering with Evidence, False Reports to Law Enforcement Authorities and related offenses. She was freed on bail. The officer, who had been on administrative duty during the investigation, will return to his regular patrol duty next week.

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