Schools 1, Weather 0 for Philadelphia Cares Day

Nasty weather didn't keep folks away from Fairmount Park today

Thousands of people braved the rain and icy weather as they waited outside the Mann Music Center to get their volunteer jobs for today's the National Day of Service.

"The projects that we do are all at Philadelphia public schools, and some recreation centers. The volunteers will be painting -- indoors, of course -- and they'll be doing some cleanup and really helping the schools look better," said Renee Archawski, executive director of Greater Philadelphia Cares.

"They actually had pictures on the Web site of people smiling on a sunny day," said Ryan Dacey, a volunteer who didn't let the bad weather keep him away from the 16th annual Greater Philadelphia Cares Day.

General Electric, which owns NBC10, had a group of volunteers at Woodrow Wilson Middle School.

Meanwhile, some participants in the Susan G. Komen three-day walk against breast cancer avoided the horrendous weather by taking to mall walking today.

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