School Warns Parents About Salt and Ice Challenge

Officials at a local middle school are warning parents about a popular Internet game that could be harmful to teens.

School officials and health care experts are warning local parents about a dangerous game they say is gaining popularity among middle school and high school students.

It’s called the Salt and Ice Challenge. The game is played by putting salt on the skin, pressing ice on top of it and holding it in place until the ice melts or until the pain becomes too severe. Numerous people have posted youtube videos of themselves participating in the challenge, which experts say can cause severe burns to the skin, similar to frostbite.

Officials at Phoenixville Middle School in Chester County became concerned after they say they heard students talking about the game. They quickly took action and sent a letter warning parents.
"Our goal is to provide you with this information in order to facilitate open communication at home to ensure the safety of our students," said Dr. Frank Garritano of the Phoenixville School District.

Garritano also urges parents to call the school's nurse or guidance office with any further questions or concerns. You can reach them at 484-927-5252 or 484-927-5216.

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