Driver Hurt After School Bus Slams Into Mount Laurel Home

A bus driver was taken to the hospital after he lost control of his vehicle and crashed into a home in Mount Laurel, Burlington County Tuesday afternoon.

The bus driver was traveling on Lenape Court around 3:45 p.m. with 12 1st through 5th grade students from the nearby Springville School on board.

As he was driving, officials say he suffered a medical emergency. The driver radioed the Transportation Supervisor and reported his emergency. He then lost control of the bus.

The bus went over a curb and into a yard on Lenape Court.

The driver was taken to the hospital. Officials have not yet revealed his condition but say he was conscious and talking. None of the children were hurt during the incident and they were reunited with their parents.

"Staff members will ride that particular bus route in the morning and counselors will be available at Springville School to greet students," a spokeswoman for Mount Laurel Township schools said. "We are ever grateful to the neighbors who assisted today and boarded the bus to calm and assure our students."


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