School Bus Crash on Route 1, Driver Suffers Burns

Crews responded to a school bus crash along the Roosevelt Boulevard in Philadelphia that left a driver with second-degree burns.

There wee 23 high school students from an unknown school on board the Maytav Bus Company bus when it veered and struck a pole along Route 1 northbound near Wissahickon Avenue in the city's Germantown neighborhood around 1:30 p.m. Friday, officials said.

A live wire inside the bus struck the driver's legs just before the crash, said Philadelphia Police.

Medics rushed the driver to Temple University Hospital with second-degree burns.

A second bus headed to the scene to transport the students, from an all-girls school, to their destination.

The roadway remained closed for about two hours as crews investigated and cleared the single-vehicle wreck.

The bus company would investigate what caused the wire incident inside the bus, said police.

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