Scam Artists Target Elderly Women: Police

Police are looking for two suspects who allegedly targeted elderly women in an elaborate scheme.

The latest incident happened on February 23.

Police say that a woman referring to herself as “Tina” approached an 83-year-old woman at the parking lot of a Burlington Township Wal-Mart.

“Tina” allegedly told the elderly woman that she found an envelope and wanted the woman to witness her open it.

"Tina" then reportedly opened the package, revealing a large amount of cash.

Police say that “Tina” then told the woman that she was a courier for a bank before convincing the woman to join her in taking the money to her "boss."

“The suspect was able to convince my victim to take her to the Beneficial Bank,” said Burlington Township Detective Marc Carnivale.

Police say that another suspect posing as a bank employee then called “Tina” and told the two a way in which they could keep the money they found.

“There was $52,000 in this envelope and also part of the scam is that they said in this envelope along with the money were some pretty graphic images of child pornography,” said Carnivale.

“The bank said that they would be entitled to a portion of it. However to get this portion, they needed to provide a good faith deposit.”

Police say that the victim then put up $4500 in cash before taking “Tina” to her home. "Tina" was then able to look through the victim's bank records.

Since the Spring of 2010, similar cases have been reported in Morrestown, Newtown Square and Westtown Township, all involving the same suspects ripping elderly people off.

Police say that both suspects are women in their 60s who drive a gold Honda Pilot.

If you have any information on these two suspects please call the Westtown East Goshen Police at 610.692.5100, the Newtown Square Police at 610.356.0200 or the Burlington Township Police at 609.239.5859.

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