Scam Artists Pose as Comcast Employees: Cops

The Delaware County Times reports that a fake cable guy duo from Chester was taken into custody on June 1.

Ryan Corey Bailey, 23, and Bobby McKenzie, 40, are both accused of posing as Comcast employees and scamming two women out of down payment money for a cable installation.They were going door-to-door selling $100 Comcast cable packages, according to the Delco Times.

After the women paid the men $100 each as down payment, they say that they never received their cable installation.

Their victims in Darby Township went to the police who set up a sting operation. Detective Scott Dickson arranged a meeting with Bailey via telephone.

Bailey arrived with McKenzie donning red Comcast Uniforms, the Delaware County Times states. The pair agreed to sell Dickson the Triple Play Package for $59.99 a month with a two-year contract. Bailey reportedly asked Dickson for payment. Dickson asked if he could write a check and Bailey responded by saying that he only took cash or money orders.

As Dickson went into his pockets as if to get money, backup officers arrived and took the men into custody.

According to the Delaware County Times the men are facing charges including theft, receiving stolen property, deceptive or fraudulent business practices, false impersonation, and conspiracy. Both men are also reportedly under investigation for similar incidents in Philadelphia. Their preliminary hearing is scheduled for June 7.

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