Saying Goodbye to Mike Strug

NBC 10's Mike Strug signed off for the last time Friday, June 5.

After reporting on-air for more than 40 years, Mike is surely a familiar face to Philadelphians.

Before coming to NBC 10, Mike certainly got around! He started his career at Channel-6 Action News where he worked for 12 years then spent 10 years at Channel 3. 

We will all remember him for his experienced, hard-news reporting, but Mike has done it all--from feature reporting to anchoring to weather reporting (watch out Hurricane!) and he even played Santa Claus in "Trading Places" (you know, the movie with Eddie Murphy and Dan Aykroyd!). The man really does it all.

His career has also included multiple Emmys for his work and awards from the Philadelphia Press Association and the Pennsylvania A.P. Broadcasters Association.

The NBC 10 family has fond memories of working with Mike and we will miss him in the newsroom while he is enjoying retirement. On Friday, June 5, we celebrated his career privately and publicly.

During the afternoon news shows, a series of stories aired looking back at Mike's adventure on the streets of Philadelphia. Then at 11 p.m., Mike signed off with his own personal farewell, a story he put together of some of the moments that have really stuck with him after more than four decades of reporting.

We'd love to hear your thoughts or favorite Mike Strug moment.  Share your memories, send well-wishes and say goodbye to Mike Strug. 

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