Save The Date: When Opposites Attract

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Jessica Camerato |

You’re in the car with your date, you point to the radio and say, “by all means play what you like.” While this dashboard DJ channel surfs, eventually they land on some obscure indie rock song. They’re turning up the volume yelling “Ohhh yeah that’s my jam!” Now it's not the type of genre you'd normally listen to, but you try to be open-minded and nod your head to the beat. When you get to the restaurant it’s time to order. Your date’s turning up their nose saying “oh no, I don't eat meat.” You think to yourself, “That’s one more thing I can overlook,” until the dinner convo doesn’t seem to flow. They’ve visited exotic places, you’ve never been outside the tri-state area. Your favorite movie’s Die Hard. But to them, the thought of an action flick is like watching grass grow. With all these differences is it possible in the end it’ll all work out and do total opposites really attract?


First of all you are never going to find someone that is exactly like you. And besides, who would want that? You can't make both sides of the velcro work.

Sorry the last time I checked, there’s no such a thing as “Exact-Match-Dot-com or Me-Harmony.” So what if you are a little bit country and they're a little bit rock-n-roll. If there is an attraction, different can be good. It can open your eyes and ears to new experiences, especially, with arts and entertainment. Hey, a little culture can hurt.

The big factor here is, you have to decide if these differences are going to clash or compliment your lifestyle. There has to be some type of a balance.

Every Ying must have its Yang. For example, if he/she is a neat freak and you're a slob, it might be a problem, unless they have some co-dependency issue. Then what can I say you were made for each other.

Ultimately its all about compromise and respect.

A friend of mine who is a vegetarian is married to a meat-loving carnivore and what they do is make two separate meals for dinner. The important thing here is that they have them together.

Remember, some of the best combos were made through trial and error.

"Hey you got chocolate in my peanut butter! Well you got peanut butter all over my chocolate.” Well, we all know how that story ends. Who would of thunk it? Sweet!!!


We all get a thrill when it comes to testing the waters. Perhaps that’s why people say good girls always go for bad boys. But you have to decide how many differences you’re willing to let slide.

Let’s say your new interest loves running the streets. Staying out at all hours of the night means nothing to them. Whether or not you decide to take on that Bonnie & Clyde role, eventually it’ll get old if that’s not your cup of tea.

Money isn’t an object when it comes to your mate. While they’re spending frivolously you’re pinchin pennies like there’s no tomorrow. Don’t forget money is still one of the biggest reasons people get divorced.

Caught up in the heat of the moment? Instead of getting butterflies you feel nauseous because it’s like kissing an ashtray? Chances are a smoker is not the one for you.

All these may seem minor, but the little things add up! However, I do have to agree with Matt on this one. Nobody wants a carbon copy of his/herself.

Keeping things interesting is the challenge we accept when entering into relationships. There’s no doubt opposites do attract, but chances are there will be some type of common bond or glue that keeps the two of you sticking together.

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