Santa Grants Boy's Wish to Help Family Devastated by Fire

Instead of asking Santa for a present, a 6-year-old boy asked him to help a family in need this Christmas.

A Delaware County family devastated by a house fire is getting the help they need thanks to a selfless young boy who is thinking of others during this Christmas season.

Six-year-old Ethan met Santa on Sunday during a Christmas event in Delaware County.

“He was standing in front of me very seriously and was like, ‘Can I ask you something?’ And I’m like, ‘Well of course,’” Santa told NBC10.

Instead of asking Santa for a gift for himself, Ethan instead told him about a family in a Garnet Valley home that he always passed on the way to school. Ethan didn’t know the family but told Santa he was worried about them because of an accidental garage fire that had destroyed their home a month ago. His one wish was for Santa to find them and make sure they had everything they needed for Christmas.

“Here’s this little kid thinking of others over himself at Christmas time which is really what it’s all about,” Santa said.

Santa tracked down the family on Facebook and soon came in contact with Harvey and Nicole Pike. Harvey is a Haverford Police officer while Nicole is a nurse. They are currently living in a rental house as their Garnet Valley home is being rebuilt. Santa is now gathering donations to give to them during Christmas, all because of Ethan’s wish.

“Without a doubt it’ll be a merry Christmas for their family,” Santa said.

Harvey and Nicole don't know Ethan but want to meet him.

“You’re an amazing little boy,” said Nicole Pike. “I hope Santa gets you everything you want for Christmas and we can’t thank you enough for being concerned about us.”

CLICK HERE if you would like to send donations to the Pike family.

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