Sandusky Asks: Why Have People Turned on Me?

The man charged with 52 counts of child sex abuse says he doesn't understand why friends and neighbors have turned on him

Jerry Sandusky says that he doesn’t understand why so many friends and neighbors have turned on him.

In a statement outside the Centre County courthouse after Friday’s hearing, the former Penn State coach facing 52 counts of child sex abuse told reporters and bystanders that “now I can’t take my dog out on my deck and throw out biscuits to him.”

Sandusky was referring to the fact that neighbors and officials at nearby school have reported that Sandusky has been sitting on the deck of his house watching children in a playground.

The complaints brought state prosecutors to court Friday, asking for stricter house-arrest rules that would keep Sandusky indoors.

“Now all of these people turn on me when they’ve been in my home with their kids, when they’ve attended birthday parties, when they’ve been on that deck, when their kids have been playing in my yard, when their kids have been sled riding when they’ve asked to sled ride at our home,” Sandusky said.

“It’s difficult for me to understand, to be honest.” (WATCH VIDEO)

In addition to the house-arrest issue, Sandusky and his attorney were in court to fight prosecutors’ request to find a jury of people from outside Centre County.

Sandusky took the stand, telling the court that a local jury would be no more or less biased against him in his child sex abuse trial than a jury from anywhere else in Pennsylvania.

Judge John Cleland told Sandusky that if he does rule in favor of keeping the jury local – as Sandusky and his attorney want - Sandusky cannot come back later and claim he received an unfair trial, NBC 10’s reporters tweeted from the courtroom.

Prosecutors oppose the use of a local jury, saying an out-of-county jury would be more fair.

Cleland promised a quick ruling on all the issues, including tightening or loosening Sandusky's bail restrictions and the jury-related motion.

Cleland set a tentative trial date of May 14.

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