Sandusky Probe Was Sparked by Internet Post About McQueary: Report

It was a comment on an Internet forum in 2010 that made investigators sit up and pay attention

The Pennsylvania attorney general’s office knew that Jerry Sandusky was as an active pedophile by 2010, sources tell the New York Times. They just couldn’t prove it.

Then, someone posted a comment in 2010 about a Penn State coach allegedly witnessing one such atrocity and investigators somehow figured out that the Penn State coach was Mike McQueary, reports the NYT.

The Times does not specify exactly what the “brief” Internet post said.

Investigators then set up a meeting with McQueary in a parking lot, where the then-assistant coach unloaded a story of seeing Sandusky allegedly rape a 10-year-old boy in a Penn State locker room, according to the Times. A story that many believe McQueary should have told police eight years earlier.

Though McQueary’s revelation to investigators was almost a decade after the alleged incident, the attorney general’s office finally had someone within the Penn State community to possibly back up claims by some boys who said Sandusky sexually abused them.

It would no longer be a case of the alleged victims’ word against Sandusky’s word, if they got McQueary to say what he said in that parking lot in front of a grand jury. And he did.

“I think it’s obvious I tried to do the right thing,” McQueary told NBC Philadelphia’s Lu Ann Cahn Thursday.

For some, it's not so obvious.

Since Sandusky’s Nov. 5 arrest and the public release of the grand jury report, McQueary has been publicly criticized for taking eight years to tell the non-college authorities.

Though an e-mail from McQueary to a friend was released this week, stating that he did in fact have “discussions with police” about the alleged child rape he saw, State College Police told NBC that he never told them anything, and Penn State Campus Police told The Morning Call that McQueary never made a report to them either.

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