In Philadelphia, Salsa Solidarity

Philly's premier showcase for salsa music invites the Mexican community to join the celebration at the Piazza at Schmidt's Commons on May 5th.

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Momentos by Luz
This year as in past years, according to Rob Bernberg, the heart of the celebration is the stellar music. “It is fitting that the Siempre Salsa Philly All Stars and special guest Grammy-winner, Willy Torres, will be performing a “Forever Fania!” tribute to the record label and artists that first brought salsa to the world’s attention by performing in Africa and the furthest corners of the world thereby establishing the music’s universal appeal.” (Photo from 2016 Siempre Salsa Week)
Momentos by Luz
"The primary objective of our Siempre Salsa Philly initiative is to utilize the powerful social force that is salsa music to build bridges between cultures," Bernberg said. (Photo from 2016 Siempre Salsa Week.)
Momentos by Luz
"Salsa has long been a musical mainstay of Mexico’s Veracruz region," Bernberg told NBC10, "and is now being embraced throughout the country and among Mexican nationals in the United States." (Photo from 2016 Siempre Salsa Week.)
Momentos by Luz
“It is only fitting that we support our Mexican brothers and sisters, invite them to attend our salsa night Cinco de Mayo celebration," Bernberg said, "and also encourage everyone to partake in the Mexican Cultural Center’s Mexico Week events." (Photo from 2016 Siempre Salsa Week.)
Momentos by Luz
Salsa Night at The Piazza at Schmidt's Commons always starts with a basic salsa dance lesson, as well as several sets of live music. Philly's salsa legend, Jesse Bermudez (pictured at left in the photo during last year's celebration) performs during every Siempre Salsa week.
Momentos by Luz
As in past years, the salsa night at the piazza begins with a dance lesson at 7 p.m., followed bu the first set of live music, beginning at approximately 8 p.m. (Photo from 2016 Siempre Salsa Week.)
Momentos by Luz
The second set of live music at the Cinco de Mayo salsa night will begin at approximately 9 p.m. Between the two live sets, a DJ will play salsa so the dancing can continue uninterrupted. (Photo from 2016 Siempre Salsa Week.)
Momentos by Luz
According to Bernberg, this photo, showing the true diversity of attendees, was taken at the close of one of last season's Salsa Night at The Piazza at Schmidt's Commons events.
Momentos by Luz
The Piazza, Bernberg told NBC10, "allows us to share our music and culture with large audiences comprised equally of Latinos and non-Latinos ... (and) has afforded us the opportunity to deliver our musical message of unity."
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