St. Joe's Students Set World Flapping Record

More than 400 students flap their arms for 5 minutes to establish new Guinness World Record

The Hawks of Saint Joseph's University were on a mission Thursday -- to set a world record for the longest simultaneous "group flap."

More than 400 students, faculty and alumni gathered at noon to start the five-minute flap fest. Ralliers showed off their hawk-like movements as they continuously flapped their arms up and down to establish the Guinness Book of Word Records mark.

The man inside the Hawk mascot costume has perfected his flap. That's because he does it about 3,500 times each game.

"I saw a few people saying 'oh my gosh, how long is five minutes' the whole struggle and in the suit I thought, I do 45 minutes, come on now'" said Ian Klinger, the "Hawk."

The event was organized to show support for the Magis Scholarship initiative, which will allow more students to receive financial support.

"The students had fun, its a message to our benefactors, alumni -- we're family who cares. When people give, we give back so we want to develop it in the student body that attitude of gratitude," said University President C. Kevin Gillespie.

Eagles legend (and St. Joe's alum) Vince Papale kicked off the rally as a celebrity "flapper."

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