Villanova ‘Sad Piccolo Girl' to Get Her Own Bobblehead

Villanova sports fans can now forever remember the biggest star of the 2015 NCAA tournament "Sad Piccolo Girl" with their very own crying bobblehead. 

Band member Roxanne Chalifoux first captured the hearts of the nation when a video of her crying while playing the piccolo went viral after the Wildcats loss in the NCAA tournament.

Now, Chalifoux is gearing up for her very own crying bobblehead to treasure that special moment. 

"I am really excited about it but it took a while for things to be in place and finalized," she explained.

The National Bobblehead Hall of Fame Museum launched a campaign to keep Chalifoux’s legacy alive by raising money to produce a bobblehead depicting her emotional reaction to the game.

"I was contacted by the museum a while ago, and at first I was like is this weird, would people want it?" Chalifoux said. 

The museum first reached out to Chalifoux after the tournament but the process took weeks to reach the launch phase. 

The Kickstarter hopes to raise $5,000 by June 5 in order to produce the dolls and have them ready for delivery by September. 

If the campaign doesn't sell at least 500 dolls, the bobbleheads will not be produced, according to Chalifoux.

"We are really trying to get the word out there because we need to sell 500 bobbleheads to go through with production," she said. 

The first 250 people to contribute to the campaign will receive the limited edition bobblehead for $15 instead of the retail price of $20, according to the campaign. 

For each bobblehead sold, a portion of the proceeds go to the university's band. 

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