Drivers Don’t Make It Through Flooded Street

Drivers abandoned their vehicles this morning after they tried to drive through floodwater along a Camden County road overnight.

As heavy rain fell, water quickly backed up along U.S. Route 130 near the Brooklawn Circle. A Jeep Cherokee and a sedan got stuck as the water quickly rose.

Those drivers said they didn’t notice the flooding until it was too late.

“The current just took me, there was just enough current there to pull you from the solid ground,” said driver Darlene Corigliano.

Corigliano said she lost her bearings as her SUV spun around. She said the other driver called for help.

A short time later the New Jersey Department of Transportation pulled them from their vehicles.

Despite those two stuck vehicles stuck on the road and police warnings to avoid the area under an overpass, other drivers took their chances.

A third vehicle, a minivan got stuck, after the driver thought he could make it through since he was in a van.

The road remained closed as of daybreak as crews worked to clean up the stuck cars as floodwater receded.

AA Mid-Atlantic warned motorists to take their time on wet roads today and gave some tips to make sure you are prepared.

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