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Drexel Med Student Falls to His Death While Roof-Jumping, Cops Say

Drexel University identified the man as Vivek Subramani, and said he was with two other Drexel students at the time he fell early Saturday

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A third-year medical student at Drexel University died early Saturday after he fell while hopping across rooftops in the Spring Garden section of North Philadelphia, police said.

The 23-year-old man was identified in an email from Drexel President John Fry to the student body as Vivek Subramani. He was with two fellow Drexel students at the time of his death, Fry wrote.

Police said the med student fell just before 2 a.m. from an apartment in the 1200 block of Buttonwood Street. Subramani fell two stories down and hit his head on the ground.

One of the other people present at the time of the fall administered CPR until medics arrived. Subramani was rushed to Thomas Jefferson University Hospital, where he was pronounced dead, police said.

The second person told police that they had been drinking at an event earlier. Police said they found no evidence of foul play.

"On behalf of the entire Drexel community, I want to extend my deepest sympathy to the family, friends and colleagues of Vivek," Fry wrote. "There are no words to express the sense of loss when any young life is cut so short."

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