Man Shot in Face After Giving Robbers $20

A 61-year-old man was shot in the face after being robbed of $20 by a group of young men.

Glenn Hudson was surrounded outside of a Chinese takeout eatery at 22nd and Cambria Streets in North Philadelphia just before 9 p.m. Wednesday, Philadelphia police said.

Surveillance video captured five young men, at least one armed, surrounding Hudson then taking $20 from him. "I was kind of stunned. They said, 'This is a hold up, old head, give me the money,'" Hudson recalled before pausing to hold back tears.


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Hudson stayed still and cooperated as the gunman emptied his pockets. Video shows the suspect then putting the weapon inches away from the man's face and firing.

"All I saw was a flash and a bang sound," Hudson said. "I was just mortified, terrified that it was over for me." His adrenaline was running so high that he didn't even know he was bleeding as he ran inside the Chinese restaurant for help, he said.

People inside the restaurant started putting napkins to his face to stem the blood flow until police arrived and rushed the man to the hospital.

"The individual that fired the shot was not happy getting that amount of money, maybe that's the reason he fired the shot," police Chief Inspector Scott Small said.

Once at the hospital, Hudson says doctors told him it was too dangerous to remove the bullet from his jaw before the surrounding tissue could harden.

Somehow, Hudson's jaw was not broken by the gunshot. But he can feel the bullet lodged in his face.

Police have not captured the gunman, but Hudson had a message for him and his accomplices: "Young fellas, I know this is hard times, but it don't make no sense, black-on-black crime."

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