Robber Looking for Big Greeting Cards Steals $7K From Rite Aid Safe

A man, who asked to see large-sized greeting cards, made off with $7,000 in cash after robbing a Northeast Philadelphia Rite Aid drug store.

The hold-up took place just after 4 p.m. at the Rite Aid located on the 8100 block of Roosevelt Boulevard in the Rhawnhurst section of the city, Philadelphia Police said.

Police say the man, described as 35-years-old with a goatee, walked up to the store's manager and asked for help to find the large greeting cards.

While the manager was assisting the man, police say he claims to have a gun and says "Don't make a noise. Now, let's go get the money."

The man then directs the manager and several other employees to the back office where he has them take money from two safes, according to investigators.

One safe, equipped with a timed lock, could not be opened for 15 minutes. Surveillance video shows the man waiting in the office, holding the employees hostage until the safe could be opened and that money taken.

Once the safes were cleared, the man then left the office and went to empty two of the store's cash registers, police say. He also swiped multiple cartons of cigarettes.

The entire time the robbery took place, customers were milling about the store, unaware of what was going on, police said.

The man then fled on foot holding a blue bag with white handles, police say.

Investigators initially thought the workers had been tied up, but police later said that was not the case. There was also one customer in the store.

No one was hurt.

The man remains at large.

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