Caught on Cam: Man Attacks Husband, Wife in Road Rage Incident: Police

An investigation is underway after a man says a driver attacked him and his wife during a road rage incident that was captured on surveillance video in Philadelphia Monday.

Adolph Rivers, 61, of North Philadelphia, told NBC10 he was driving with his wife down 5th Street at Roosevelt Boulevard around 5 p.m. when a driver in a white pickup truck tried to cut him off.

"He pulled to the right and took me out of the intersection,” Rivers said. “We were next to each other. When I pulled up here at the intersection, he jumps out the truck and I roll down the window to see what he wanted to say. All he does is punch me in the face!”

Rivers says he got out of his vehicle and the man punched him again. He told NBC10 his wife, Tammy Sallie, then got out and pleaded for the man to stop.

“I was trying to stop him and even his friend and he just wasn’t trying to hear it,” Sallie said while in tears. “That’s when he threw me in traffic.”

Surveillance video shows the man grabbing Sallie and throwing her into the street. Rivers said the man’s friend then grabbed him and told him to get back into his truck. The man and his friend then left the area.

Rivers says he suffered a bruise during the incident while Sallie injured her hip. They contacted police and filed a report. Police ran the man's license plate and are currently searching for him. They told NBC10 he will likely face assault charges once he's found.

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