Rising River Water Causes Flooding in NJ

Temperatures to dip throughout the evening making conditions worse

The National Weather service issued a flood warning for eight New Jersey counties Monday as small creeks and river water reach flood stage.

Atlantic, Burlington, Cumberland, Ocean and Salem counties were issued warnings until Tuesday morning.  The warning will remain in effect for Essex, Morris and Passaic counties until Thursday.

Temperatures are expected to dip throughout the evening which could make condtions worse.

Great Egg Harbor River was close to a foot above flood stage by the afternoon due to a huge amount of snow melting and heavy rains pouring in over the weekend.

“We hope it doesn’t get any higher but again, when you look at the amount of snow that melted quickly because of the rain and the amount of rain that fell, it’s of grave concern…anybody who lives along the river should really take the precautions,” said Vince Jones of Atlantic County EMA.

Residents spent most of the day setting up safeguards as water started surrounding their homes.

Joel Dobson, a member of the Coast Guard, lost some furniture and lawn equipment due to the rising waters. He was forced to leave his home.

”We got everything on concrete blocks, couches and what not and unplugged everything. I am going to get out of here in a few hours and flip the breakers,” said Dobson.

Officials said they expect waters to recede by Tuesday but are not sure what will happen.


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