Couple Tries to Save Their White Wedding From Muddy Mother Nature

Dreams of a White wedding might be dashed

Mike Fein and Debbie DiCola had to throw the tradition of the bride not seeing the groom the night before their wedding day aside Friday night.

That is because thanks to a soaker from Mother Nature, the Bucks County couple had to get dirty with a crew of friends and family as they tried and pump out the backyard where their Saturday night wedding is supposed to happen.

We have no idea what the soon-to-be newlyweds planned to do the night before their wedding but bailing out Mike’s parent’s muddy backyard in Richboro, Pa., certainly wasn’t it.

Sure, it’s what you’d might expect after a storm but not the day before your wedding.

“It’s the worst thing we could ever imagine happening to us,” Debbie said.

A backyard ceremony and reception seemed like great idea -- a way to cut costs and still host 120 guests -- that was until inches of rain left ankle-high water to deal with Friday morning.

The water receded some as the day went on but the muddy mess seemed to be winning the battle. It looked like any thoughts of a white wedding -- the dance floor, linens, tables and chairs -- were lost.

“We keep on sump pumping the water out and it keeps on coming back,” an exhausted groom-to-be said.

“All of our time and energy has been devoted to right here and we’re running out of options,” an equally worn out bride-to-be said.

It looks like instead of heels or dress shoes guests just might have to rock a pair of boots Saturday night.

Something Debbie wanted to alert her guests about:

“To all of our friends and family, please come prepared that’s all we have to say.”

Mike wasn’t resigned to giving up quite yet:

“If anybody has any ideas how we can get rid of this water fast -- please, please -- help is needed.”

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