Rest in Pieces

Thugs decapitate grave statues

Imagine you visit the cemetery to pay respects to your loved one, but arrive to find their grave statue decapitated.

That scene is playing out over and over again in Bridgeton, N.J., police said.

In recent weeks, three grave statues have been vandalized – two have been beheaded and another had its hand chopped off.

"[It's] terribly traumatic incident for the family! And for somebody to go around doing that is pretty reprehensible!" Bridgeton police chief Mark Ott said.

Neighbors are fingering kids with big egos and sick humor, but police don't have any leads.

Police plan on stepping up patrols, but fear that far-flung cemeteries will be targeted next. They are asking for the public's help letting the dead rest in peace.

If you have any information, call Bridgeton Police at 856.451.0033.

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