Rendell: Revoke Parole for Repeat Offenders

Pennsylvania governor Ed Rendell announced a proposal to revoke parole for repeat violent offenders in the state at a press conference Sunday.

Currently, sentencing guidelines allow for repeat offenders to serve a reduced sentence.

Rendell wants to eliminate that option and force criminals to serve a flat sentence.

“No matter what we do, with the exception of life sentencing, offenders are going to get out – even under the proposal I am making, if the legislature adopts it – they are going to get out. What this does is increase the likelihood that they will be in jail for a longer period of time,” said Rendell.

The Pennsylvania Legislature will need to vote on the measure before it would become law.

Last September, Rendell temporarily halted the parole of state prison inmates after a Philadelphia Police officer was killed by a paroled felon.

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