Rendell Calls Out Politicians for Not Investing in Infrastructure

Ed Rendell had some harsh words for politicians that don't want to invest in the nation's infrastructure.

"We have politicians that just worry about their own survival," the former Pennsylvania governor said during a panel discussion with the Atlantic's Washington Editor-at-Large Steve Clemons at the National Constitution Center on Wednesday. "The frustrating thing is that we know what to do, we just don't have the will to do it."

Rendell, who has made infrastructure one of his main areas of focus since he left office in 2011, said the current political landscape doesn't allow the country to make necessary repairs to roads and bridges.

"We've stopped investing because of this idea that when government spends money it's bad," said Rendell, who referred to notes on his iPad during the presentation. He argued that infrastructure investments mean people get jobs, and structures (like roads and bridges) get the critical repairs they need.

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