Remembering an Officer, Father and Friend

Family, strangers pay their respects to Officer Christopher Jones

The somber tone was set early Wednesday when a horse drawn carriage carried Officer Jones’ coffin to Our Lady of Grace Church for the public viewing.

Officer Jones was the first Middletown Township Police Officer to be killed on the job. 

Droves of people paid their respects to the fallen officer on Wednesday and Thursday.

Services took place at the Cathedral Basilica of Sts. Peter and Paul starting at 12 p.m.

“This is the toughest day in our history -- actually last week was and this week has been tough,” Acting Director of Public Safety Patrick McGinty said.
People lined the streets to salute a fallen hero. Some didn’t even know the 10-year veteran of the force, but it was toughest for those who did and you could see the heartbreak in their faces.

“It’s the kids...They’re the ones who they’re worried about. Granted we’re worried about Suzanne too but it’s the kids you see the heartbreak in their eyes,” family friend Cynthia Bridge said as tears streamed down her face.

His wife and three children watched as his coffin was carried into the church.

Once inside, he was promoted posthumously to the one position he always strived to obtain – detective.

“His family was given a badge and his wife, she replaced the badge on his uniform to a detective badge,” said McGinty.
His police family was also in a lot of pain. Members of the Philadelphia Police force say they know this type of grief all too well.

“We’ve buried several of our own in the last year or so and this brings up a lot of emotions. Sadness and anger,” said Officer James Trainor of Philadelphia Highway Patrol.

As they prepare to say goodbye, they will also try to preserve his legacy. They say the 37-year-old was a dedicated father and husband who was always smiling and always giving back to his community.
“Just remember the way he was. Just everything he did for people…always helping people and that’s what everyone should do,” said Colleen Martin.

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