Family Gets Closure Decades After Woman Disappears in Hawaii

The family of Nancy Baugh finally gets closure 34 years after her disappearance

A Jersey Shore family finally gets closure, 30 years after their loved one vanishes in Hawaii.

Nancy Baugh, who was born and raised on Long Beach Island, disappeared in 1979. Her boyfriend who she was living with on the island of Kauai was found murdered.

“We always felt that her remains were on that island," said Steve Baugh, victim's brother.

Baugh says his sister's boyfriend was shot in the face, but family members never knew what happened to Nancy.

“We had the worst feelings," said Baugh. “It was very, very difficult. My family wouldn’t even talk about it for years because it was just too emotional.”

This September, Hawaiian authorities informed the family that human remains found along a stream in 2012 were a DNA match for Nancy.

"It definitely does ease the pain," said Baugh. “To me, it’s like 75 percent closure. We know the beginning, we know the end. We don’t know why it happened and we don’t know who committed it.”

The family expects a death certificate to be issued soon so that Nancy's remains can be sent back to New Jersey. They plan to hold a memorial service for Nancy next summer.

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