Red Light Cameras on the Way

Ten additional New Jersey municipalities have been added to the red light camera short-list.  Those areas include Hoboken, Morris Township, South Brunswick, Woodbridge, Gloucester Township, Cherry Hill, Stratford, Deptford, Monroe and Glassboro.

The cameras will be installed at intersections with a history of violations and crashes due to naughty drivers who run red lights.

Each municipality will determine how they want to distribute traffic tickets to people who are caught by the camera.

This program is a pilot, which means the location of the traffic cameras may not be long-term.

In January 2008, Assembly Bill 4314 established a five-year pilot program to determine the effectiveness of traffic control signal monitoring systems. NJDOT designated Brick Township, Newark, North Brunswick, Piscataway, Roselle Park, Stafford, Edison, Jersey City, Lawrence, Linden, New Brunswick and Wayne for participation in the first-year pilot program.

Similar programs have been implemented in twenty-four other states.

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