Real Or Fake? Police Investigate Viral Video of Car Hitting Cyclist

Police are unsure at this point whether the video is real or fake but want the person who recorded it to come forward.

Philadelphia police are working to determine whether a viral video that appears to show a car hitting a person riding a bike is real or fake.

The short clip, which has been viewed more than 300,000 times, was posted on social media on May 10. It shows a car veering to the right and then striking a bicycle, knocking the cyclist to the ground. The video then ends.

Police received the video Monday and spent hours looking over it to determine its authenticity. They believe it was filmed on Florence Avenue between 52nd and 53rd streets in the Kingsessing section of Philadelphia. So far no one has come forward claiming to be a victim or involved in the incident.

“We have no reports of auto accidents. We have no reports of hospital cases but if there’s somebody out there who was struck by a car...please come forward and let us know,” Philadelphia Police Lt. John Walker said.

Lt. Walker also said that if the video is a prank, police still want the person who recorded it to let them know.

NBC10 reached out to the person who first posted the video on Twitter but he did not want to comment.

The investigation comes after a cyclist was struck and killed by an SUV in the Spring Garden section of Philadelphia over the weekend. Police say if the viral video is real, the driver could be charged with aggravated assault. They continue to investigate.

A Ride of Silence is scheduled to take place in Philadelphia Wednesday to honor cyclists who have been hurt or killed in accidents.

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