New Jersey

Reaching for the Stars to Help Atlantic City

The top Republican in New Jersey's Senate wants to give tax breaks to big-name entertainers who agree to perform several times in Atlantic City.

Stars who perform at least four dates in Atlantic City's tourism district would not have to pay taxes on income they earn at any New Jersey venue in that calendar year, according to the measure.

Senate Minority Leader Tom Kean said his proposal would allow Atlantic City to follow the Las Vegas model of having extended performances by world-class entertainers.

"Britney Spears' month-long stint brought nearly $20 million into Las Vegas for a formerly struggling business there," said Kean Thursday. "And when you bring that type of revenue, you create jobs, you increase tourism, you bring in state revenues."

The revenue generated would far exceed the cost of the tax breaks, said Kean, R-Union.

Attracting more top talent to Atlantic City could contribute to the city's economic recovery, he said.

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