Pet Rattlesnake Bites Owner Inside Philly Home

A man is recovering after his pet rattlesnake bit him inside a Philadelphia home.

Police called Animal Control officers to a home on the 3500 block of Wellington Street Sunday after a man said his pet rattlesnake bit him. They found the owner suffering from a bite from the venomous snake which was still inside its enclosure.

“It was a little concerning that somebody owned a venomous snake in Philadelphia,” said Tara Schernecke, the director of field services for Philadelphia’s Animal Care and Control Team. “It was just in a tank. The tank had clamps on it so there was no way for the snake to escape from the tank. It was a young snake from what we can tell.”

The man was taken to the hospital. Officials have not yet revealed his condition. reports the man could possibly lose his arm however due to the bite.

The snake was transferred to another animal rescue center. Schernecke told NBC10 rattlesnakes are illegal in Philadelphia and anyone who has one or handles one needs a special license or permit.

“They’re not a game,” Schernecke said. “Sometimes you can’t come back from things like this.”

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