Has It Really Been That Much More Rainy This Summer?

NBC10 First Alert Weather meteorologist Krystal Klei takes a look at how much rain has fallen over the past 2-plus months

Does it feel like the rain has been never ending over the past couple months? You’re not totally wrong.

Since June 1, many large cities in the Philadelphia region have seen more than a month's worth of rainy days.

Aaron P. Bernstein/Getty Images

On top of that, some of those days with rain have resulted in BIG totals. In fact, many cities across the region are above average for totals between June 1 and Aug. 13.


Philadelphia is the only city on the list that has seen slightly lower than average rain over the two-plus month period. Mount Pocono and Reading have seen more than a foot and a half of rain! That’s well above their averages.

But here’s the thing — it isn’t THAT rainy. Compared to 2017, while several locations have seen higher totals over the same time period, the differences aren’t that large. Take a look:


Atlantic City, Allentown and Philadelphia actually have seen less rain than last year from June 1 to Aug. 13. Of course, these are the official regional reporting stations. Some neighborhoods have seen localized higher numbers than the official values.

Regardless, high volume rain events have created dangerous and damaging conditions and the threat for rain returns Friday.

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