35 Pounds of Vomit Found in Parking Lot

Containers full of vomit found two Sundays in a row, police say

A 35-pound bag of human vomit was found in the parking lot of a Bed Bath and Beyond in Radnor – for the second time in a week.

An employee of the Delaware County store found a big white bag containing a medical waste container full of vomit two Sundays in a row – May 29 and June 5, police say.

The employee found the vomit-filled containers in the same spot each time: under a tree, 10 parking rows from the store entrance, police say.

“Somebody needs to find where it’s coming from and deal with it,” Amy Ciment of Southhampton told NBC Philadelphia while walking through the vomit-drop parking lot.

Because the human waste is a biohazard, police say that the containers are a danger to the public.

“We don’t know what’s contained within that vomit,” Radnor Police Det. Andy Block told NBC Philadelphia.

Because there is a medical-supply company’s name on the containers, police have a theory that someone contracted to dispose of medical waste may not be bringing it to its final destination.

But St. David’s Hospital worker Steve Pendergast says that the medical waste theory doesn’t make sense to him,

“I’ve worked in hospitals and they don’t segregate vomit; I think something’s amiss,” Pendergast told NBC Philadelphia. “It doesn’t surprise me, people do all kinds of crazy things.

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