Mayor Nutter Launches New IPledge Campaign

Local radio stations join the city in the IPledge Campaign to stop violence.

The fight against violence in Philadelphia is taking to the streets and airwaves in an unprecedented effort to end violence.

Philadelphia Mayor Michael Nutter unveiled the city’s IPledge campaign at a press conference Monday. The campaign calls for area residents to make a difference by committing to his or her community and choosing peace.

At Monday’s press conference, Mayor Michael Nutter made the first official pledge of the new initiative.

“I pledge to increase the number of high school and college graduates, what are you prepared to do?” he asked at the press conference.

The campaign will gain momentum through local radio personalities and celebrities. Clear Channel, Radio One, and WURD will join together for the first time with the common goal of creating a positive change to the city’s struggles with youth violence.

Power 99's Hot Boys joined the action at the conference. Host Uncle O pledged to speak the gospel of peace. Co-host Mikey Dredd pledged to use the airwaves to help the community, especially the youth.

“We’re committed to positive, constructive solutions to the challenges that are facing our community, particularly our youth,” WURD Programming Director Barbara Grant said.

The campaign’s twitter account is already asking followers what they plan to do for Philly.

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