Vandals Tag Neighborhood With Crude, Racist Graffiti

Vandals struck seemingly at random overnight leaving a local neighborhood cleaning up racist and distasteful graffiti.

Residents in the area of the 1700 block of Hoffnagle Street in Northeast Philadelphia woke up this morning to find homes, cars and fences covered with racist messages including swastikas and sexual images of body parts.

Philadelphia Police said there seemed to be no pattern to which properties were hit along Hoffnagle, Emerson and Benson Streets and Solly Avenue.

Residents spent the morning trying to wash off the graffiti or painting it over but many of the profane images remained for some time.

NBC10’s Daralene Jones said the graffiti was not only racist but it was also in some cases misspelled.

It wasn’t clear when the damage was done, expect for some time in the overnight hours, and police didn’t release any information about who might be behind the vandalism.

Neighbors told Jones that they believe some kids with nothing better to do could be behind the vandalism.

Anyone with information is asked to contact Philadelphia Police.

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