‘Queer Eye’ Talks Philly, Eagles Jerseys and Upcoming Season

Antoni Porowski, Bobby Berk and Tan France dropped by the Comcast Technology Center while they are filming season five of their show in Philadelphia

What to Know

  • Part of the cast of "Queer Eye" joined Comcast and NBCUniversal employees for a town hall in the Comcast Technology Center.
  • While season four just debuted, the cast is already underway shooting season five, which takes place in Philadelphia.
  • The cast sat down with NBC10 to answer questions about the latest season, preview season five and give their take on Philly.

As season four of Netflix's award-winning "Queer Eye" kicks off, three-fifths of the Fab Five joined hundreds of Comcast employees at a town hall to preview what audiences can expect.

Antoni Porowski, Bobby Berk and Tan France dropped into the Comcast Technology Center in Philadelphia as they answered questions from the audience, who were treated to a screening of season's four opening episode projected onto a big screen.

Afterward, the cast sat down with NBC10 to answer questions about the latest season, preview season five and give their take on the "City of Brotherly Love," where they're filming the aforementioned fifth season.

Here's what they had to say, with some slight edits for clarity:

NBC10: Season three of the show was such a tear-jerker; how much can people expect to cry during season four?

Tan: The same amount. I would like to believe that we balance out humor and heartfelt content really well. We don't want anyone to see it as a Debby-downer show or to see it as just fluff. I think we do a lovely job of making sure it's balanced and so if you cried in season 3, you're a cry-er, you're gonna cry in season 4.

Antoni: I think the tears come from feeling alive and relating to other people. I don't think they're tears of sadness; it's just of people relating to people who are complete strangers and in any other circumstance you would think, "I would have nothing in common with this person" and you realize that we're all connected. And I think that's the emotional response that fans continue to have.

Bobby: Yeah, I don't think there are many times where you have tears of sadness in our show. It's usually tears of joy, like you're happy that somebody that has been down has now found themselves in a positive way or they're being helped. So yeah, I think tears of joy are always a good thing.

NBC10: Before you started shooting season five in Philly, did you have any preconceived notions about the city?

Bobby: Not really. I lived in New York for about 14 years, so I would come down here sometimes. But no. I mean, I think it's a great city. I love the history of it. Old City is beautiful. It's not often you find a big metropolitan city like this that still has like a cool, old core like that - because most cities in America are not old. So, it's neat that this city is so modern, has so much to offer but also still has so much history.

Tan: Honestly, I knew nothing about Philadelphia. I'd never been before and I didn't know what to expect. This isn't meant to sound derogatory, but I don't often see big differences between American states or cities. And I don't mean that in a mean way! I just mean if there's a cultural difference I think it must be known by people who were born and raised here. For me, it's just another lovely American city.

Antoni: I think it's a perfect symbol of what America is. You have sort of like the heritage component of these old buildings that have been here since the beginning, even right in downtown. And then you have this incredible building that we're in, the Comcast building, which is just like a marvel of modern architecture and design, and it's like a perfect marriage of those two. That's America, that's what America is.

NBC10: Philadelphians seem to pride themselves in having this tough exterior image. Have you found working with people here in Philadelphia any difficulty in getting people to open up?

Tan: It's not so much our heroes that we're helping so far. They come on to our show knowing what the process is at this point and so they're usually wanting to learn from us and really do welcome us with open arms. But I think the general public, they're not as openly excited ...

Antoni: Tan's referring to drivers on the street dealing with his lack of understanding over what the difference between a one-way and a two-way street is.

NBC10: So what's it like driving in Philly, then?

Bobbi: I lived in New York, drove every day and it was never as scary as it is driving here.

Tan: It's a little more aggressive.

Bobby: We've ended up over the bridge so many times, accidentally. It's stressful.

Antoni: It's a nice bridge, though.

NBC10: In Philly, you'll see a lot of people wearing Eagles jerseys, so how do you style one up?

Bobby: A nice little leather skirt and some heels?

Tan: I would put it with this wash of jean [light blue], I would peg my jean, I would possibly belt it, and put on a lovely pair of sneakers and I'd be good to go. I could find a way to make this cute.

Antoni: You can crop it and still have the nine [it was a Nick Foles Eagles jersey] showing.

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