Puppy Killed by Camden Police

Witnesses say that more than 30 shots were fired by multiple cops.

An 8-month-old pitbull is dead after being shot by Camden police Friday night.

According to witnesses, more than 30 shots were fired, not only killing the dog, but hitting nearby cars and homes.

The Courier-Post is reporting that the pitbull, Capone, was killed around 9 p.m. when officers were called to the Baldwin Run neighborhood for reports of a fight among teens.

Witnesses say that Capone was on a leash when he got loose and ran into the police scene.

They say that’s when two or three cops began firing what they counted as 33 rounds of bullets at the pup.

Capone’s family describes him to the Post as a friendly, lovable dog who was simply running to greet “friends.”

”He was just trotting down the street and one officer pulled out his gun,” Capone’s owner Sherronda Aycox tells the paper.

The Camden Police are expecting to release a statement shortly.

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