Puppy Beaten to Death in Front of Owner

Trenton teen allegedly beats puppy with a shovel, killing the dog while the owner stood helpless

A Trenton woman stood frozen in horror as a 16-year-old neighbor allegedly beat her puppy to death with a shovel Sunday.

Prospect Park resident Tiraya Green, 34, was walking back to her house with her two dogs on a leash 10 a.m. Sunday when her small puppy "Thunda" got away from her.

The Maltese/Yorkie mix ran up to a teenage neighbor and before Green could get there, the boy began smashing the puppy with a shovel, Green told NBC Philadelphia.

Green stood paralyzed in shock at the teenager ultimately murdered her dog, she said.

After beating the small dog, which was born in Green’s home, the teen just turned around and walked away, Green said.

Green called police and animal control, and as the puppy was lying severely wounded on the ground, the officers stayed with Green until the puppy died, she said.

Green says she does not know why the boy beat her dog to death, but she says that three days before the puppy had run up to the same neighbor and he claimed the puppy bit him.

“That puppy never bit anyone,” Green told the Trentonian.

Police are investigating the case and no charges have been lodged against the unnamed teen yet.

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