Dying PSPCA Animal Officer George Bengal’s Last Wish

George Bengal has helped Philadelphia and surrounding cities fight animal abuse for decades as the PSPCA's director of humane law enforcement. But now, George is battling a terminal illness and has one lasting wish for the community.

George has an agressive form of cancer but is using what energy he still has to ask the public for continued support of the SPCA, which runs only on donations. Without the community support, the SPCA will not be able to continue stopping animal cruelty cases, such as dog-fighting. 

"I'm pleading that ... I just want to see this work desperately carried on" says George.

More than 100 colleagues, friends and family came out to the Erie Avenue location of the Pennsylvania SPCA on Thursday to celebrate all of George's efforts, along with his success in shaping stricter animal abuse laws in the city of Philadelphia. 

The #ThankYouGeorge hashtag has been started on Twitter, where hundreds of people have been thanking George for all the hard work he has done to help animals. [[378424961, C]]

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