PSPCA Rescues 40 Animals from Property Where 30 Chickens Found Dead

Humane officers rescued 40 animals from a Lehigh County property Easter Sunday after finding three-dozen dead chickens during an investigation of an animal abuse complaint, officials said.

Officers from the Pennsylvania SPCA executed a search warrant on the home in Schnecksville, Pennsylvania Sunday afternoon. The property address was not released.

During the search, humane officers found 30 dead chickens. Officials said the animals may not have had access to food or water.

Following the discovery, the PSPCA removed 40 live animals from the owner's care. The animals included one bunny, three cats, four quails and 32 chickens. The animals were brought to the agency's Philadelphia headquarters where they're receiving veterinary care.

The PSPCA will care for the animals until either the owner signs away their rights so they may be put up for adoption or the case is settled.

Officers are investigating the case.

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