Protesters Rally Outside DNC Before Hillary’s Speech

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NBC10 | Joseph Kaczmarek
Demonstrators gathered outside the Wells Fargo Center, site of the Democratic National Convention in Philadelphia, Thursday July 28, 2016, the final night of the convention.
NBC10 | Joseph Kaczmarek
Protester carries a Bernie Sanders image in her backpack while walking past a neon #FeelTheBern sign in FDR Park across the street from the DNC in Philadelphia, Thursday July 28, 2016.
NBC10 | Joseph Kaczmarek
Jelisa Mone makes a statement with her clothes and sign.
NBC10 | Joseph Kaczmarek
Philadelphia police watch the fence line as protester grew in number.
NBC10 | Joseph Kaczmarek
A protester poses for a photo with a defaced Hillary Clinton poster in the demonstration area outside the Democratic National Convention.
NBC10 | Joseph Kaczmarek
People demonstrating outside the Democratic National Convention take photos with Shay the Alpaca, who is wearing a police hat.
NBC10 | Joseph Kaczmarek
Rain drenched protesters and police outside the DNC before Hillary Clinton's acceptance speech on the final night of the convention.
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