Protesters Demand That Corbett Reverse Education Cuts

Six people were arrested Monday night while protesting outside a private fundraiser for Governor Tom Corbett.

A large crowd of pro-union protesters gathered outside the Comcast Center where Corbett and Governor Chris Christie met for a private fundraiser.

The organizers remained in the middle of 17th Street, protesting Corbett for what they claimed were policies that are hurting children in the City of Philadelphia.

Christie says Corbett deserves support despite his poor performance in the polls.

Six protesters were arrested after they allegedly refused to leave the street, claiming they wouldn't move until Corbett pledged to reverse his cuts to education.

“I sat down in the way of Corbett’s cuts because I’m worried about my daughter’s future and all children’s futures in a school system that keeps getting slashed to the bone,” said Andi Perez, the outgoing Director of Youth United for Change and one of the arrested protesters.  “I have spent a career fighting for Philadelphia public school students, and things are as bad as I’ve ever seen under Gov. Corbett’s massive budget cuts.  We need to say enough is enough.”

Philadelphia Coalition Advocating for Public Schools also claimed that in addition to Perez, a parent of a Philadelphia public school student, three retired teachers and a local community activist were also arrested.

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