Project Innovation Winner: Healthy NewsWorks

Local nonprofit awarded $40,000 to further elaborate its student media program centered on public health

Project Innovation Grant Winner Healthy NewsWorks

Healthy NewsWorks received a $40,000 Project Innovation grant from NBC10, Telemundo62, and the Comcast NBCUniversal Foundation for its student media program centered around public health. The grant will be implemented towards expanding its Health Beat initiative and online health news website, By Kids For Kids.

The journalism program is designed for elementary and middle school students, who produce factual health newspapers and digital media. Students provide public health information to communities through investigating and reporting for their respective schools. The Health Beat initiative is a blended, virtual approach in which students and teachers can access online reporting activities via the Health Beat portal. This blended, learning model offers teachers a range of virtual lessons to deliver to their school classrooms. By Kids For Kids, a health news website platform for children ages 5-14, enables children and parents to publish health articles, illustrations, and digital media both locally and nationally. The online health news site also features open-access lesson plans, videos, and resources.

Healthy NewsWorks is an independent non-profit organization that tailors to three school-based initiatives—health media program, health literacy and education, and health books. Launched in 2003 by journalist Marian Ulhman and second-grade teacher Susan Spencer, both envisioned the idea of giving schools community health information.

In partnership with 12 schools and newspaper publications, Healthy NewsWorks encompasses a unique approach in focusing on two notable areas affecting children: literacy and health. Student reporters at all partner schools participate in the annual book, Leading Healthy Change in Our Communities. This year’s book, Leading Healthy Change in Our Communities 2021: Doing the Undoable in a Pandemic, harps on what healthcare professionals, essential workers, and community members endured amidst the COVID-19 pandemic.

Healthy NewsWorks 10th annual book, Leading Healthy Change in Our Communities 2021: Doing the Undoable in a Pandemic.

To learn more about Healthy NewsWorks, click here. If you would like to access the ebook version of Leading Healthy Change in Our Communities 2021: Doing the Undoable in a Pandemic, click here. To support Healthy NewsWorks’ mission, click here.

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