Prof Tells Stuttering Student to Stop Speaking

A professor at the County College of Morris is in hot water after telling a stuttering student to stop speaking. 

The Newark Star Ledger reports that Elizabeth Snyder, a history professor at the County College of Morris, told Philip Garber Jr. of Mansfield that his stuttering during her class was “infringing on other students’ time.”

Garber, 16, is taking two college courses at CCM to supplement his home schooling. Garber often participates in his classes but speaks slowly and often repeats himself due to his stutter.

The Ledger reports that Snyder sent Garber an email telling him to wait until after class to ask questions and that if he knew the answers, to write them on paper so that he wouldn’t “infringe on other students’ time.”

Garber filed a complaint to the school’s Office of Student Development. While school administrators haven’t said whether any disciplinary action will be taken against Snyder, they admit that the professor acted improperly. Bette Simmons, the vice president of student development, said it would be better if Snyder told the class to be patient with Garber.

The Ledger reports that Snyder has taught at CCM for 10 years. As of now she has not been suspended.

Garber received a large amount of support via phone calls, texts and emails according to the Ledger.

While he’s happy with how the matter was resolved, the Ledger reports that he switched sections of the class to prevent “unforeseen bad consequences.”

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