Probable Swine Flu at Philly Elementary School

A student at Pennypacker Elementary School in the West Oak Lane section of the city was diagnosed with a probable case of swine flu Friday, according to the Philadelphia School District.

Swine flu mania may have calmed down but that doesn't mean that the H1N1 virus has gone away.

A student has symptoms similar to the regular flu that hits each winter, said the school district in a note to parents.

The age, grade or gender of the student weren't released. A letter was sent home to parents and guardians to alert them of the sickness.

The school will remain open but officials asked parents or guardians to keep an eye on their kids. If a child or teacher has any flu symptoms they are asked to stay home for at least a week, officials said. The school also will send home anyone exhibiting symptoms at school.

The hope is that this is an isolated incident and that only the one student was affected.

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