Prized Pumpkin Pilfered From Front Porch

A 9-year-old central Pennsylvania boy is heartbroken after his prize pumpkin was pilfered from his porch.

Jaiden Newcomer of York won the 100-pound pumpkin at a local festival in late September for correctly guessing its weight. His parents say it took three people to bring home the big squash, which disappeared from their porch earlier this week.

Jaiden's mother, Amy Newcomer, said her son goes outside every morning and every night to see if the cold-hearted pumpkin poachers had a change of heart and returned it. They haven't.

But it appears this sad story is going to have a happy ending: A local plant nursery has offered to replace the pumpkin with the biggest one they have. Jaiden's grandmother said that has made him feel better.

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