Princeton Professor Accused of Stealing Lawn Signs

Police have charged a Princeton University professor with stealing lawn signs belonging to a computer repair business.

Owner Ted Horodynsky tells The Times of Trenton his signs began to disappear after a traffic incident with professor John Mulvey. Horodynsky says he set up a surveillance camera which showed Mulvey driving off with the signs that he placed on clients' lawns.

Mulvey tells the newspaper he was just picking up debris. The 67-year-old professor of operations research and financial engineering says some people don't like the signs and throw them in the woods. Mulvey says he makes it his job to pick them up.

Mulvey said he never took any of the signs out of the ground.

"I have no reason to do that," he said. "I have nothing against signs or capitalism."

All 21 signs have been recovered and have a total value of $471.

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