Town Suspends Parking Officers for Alleged Favors

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Two area parking officers are out of a job, accused of looking the other way so they would get free drinks and meals.

Princeton has suspended its two parking enforcement officers without pay following allegations they were giving some businesses a pass in exchange for free food and drinks.

Street parking in the college town is limited and most spaces are metered.

Town administrator Bob Bruschi tells The Times of Trenton there's no indication, so far, that money exchanged hands.

Mayor Liz Lempert told The Times that she found the allegations “to be appalling.”

“I personally have gotten parking tickets as mayor. I think I got one on Monday when I was in my spot for too long. That’s the way it should be. The rules need to apply to everyone.”

Bruschi says there's also no indication that police officers were involved in any preferential treatment or received free food, drink or other goods. The administrator emailed town officials that two officers have been paying visits to businesses to say any such practices must cease immediately.

County officials say the investigation into the alleged favors is being handled by Princeton Police.

Princeton has only two full-time parking meter enforcement agents, who are overseen by the police department.

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